Business Casual: Pretty in Pink and Green for Under $100

by Rachel Yeomans | February 23rd, 2012   

By Brooke O’Neill

There was a time when my wardrobe consisted of nothing but blacks, whites, and grays. Mostly solids. Mostly cotton. Entirely forgettable.

It was the safe, boring choice, purely functional and guaranteed not to raise any eyebrows in the office. But after several Chicago winters left me pale and desperate for sunlight, I cracked. I was already traipsing through a morose wasteland of ice and slush; I didn’t want to dress like one as well.

So I started experimenting. I wore combos that weren’t obvious. I played with color. Eventually, I broke out of my rut. And today, in that same spirit, I introduce you to this delicious pairing: pink and green. What better way to stand out against a cold, concrete cityscape?

c633x633 Business Casual: Pretty in Pink and Green for Under $100


Start off your ensemble with a sleek emerald pencil skirt, like this classic piece from H&M for only $24. The hip-hugging style gives it a hint of retro sexiness, while the calf-length cut keeps it prim enough for any cubicle.

Next, add this striped pink-and-white sweater from Forever 21. A lightweight knit with ¾-length sleeves, it’s dainty, feminine, and playful. And, oh, it’s only $12.80. (Really. I’m not making that up.)

Finish off the look with some fun accessories, like this statement-making teal bangle ($23.95) from or, just in case the sun makes an appearance, try these bright green cat-eye sunglasses ($14) from

Slip on your favorite pair of black knee-high boots or – if you’ve got them – hot pink pumps, and you’re ready to shine (and maybe even raise an approving eyebrow), all for less than $100. Cheers to that.


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