Business Casual Makeover: Stealing Miss India’s Sultry Look

by HumaR | August 26th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

Last week, I posted a challenge originally posed by one of my friends who reads my blog. She dared me to find at least ONE outfit among the ones worn by the Miss Universe contestants and make it over in a business-casual or at least won’t-have-to-introduce-yourself-to-the-neighbors-and-be-on-an-internet-list sort of way. And as you guys remember, I rose to the challenge. Because I love challenges.

And this week, I was still thinking about the ridiculous outfits worn by those Miss Universe girls. Some of them were just outlandishly bad. But some of them had heart and potential, and just needed a hot meal, a bath, a warm bed, and for someone to believe in them a little. I wanted to take one of those outfits and do that for it. I’m just philanthropic that way, I guess.

So we’re back with another outfit to make over, and I picked Miss India‘s.

miss india ushoshi sengupta Business Casual Makeover: Stealing Miss Indias Sultry Look

Tom and Lorenzo’s commentary on this, you ask? “If you’re gonna be all tasteful and appropriate, Miss India, you might as well stay in your hotel room…”.

I agree with them – this outfit is very tasteful for something like this. She’s not showing a lot of skin at all and she worked her culture’s visual aesthetic into a ballgown-costume. I think she would have fit in more if she went with a super skimpy sari, like with a Princess Jasmine-esque top and a loooong skirt bedecked in gold and silver, as they always are, with thigh high slits becoming some of Angelina Jolie’s red carpet choices. But she went with this totally appropriate number, and I bet she regretted it once she figured it probably hurt her chances, especially when Miss Columbia showed up in little more than a sparkly bra and a loincloth.

But I like this outfit a lot, particularly the color, and so I made it over in a decidedly business casual fashion.

ww30 Business Casual Makeover: Stealing Miss Indias Sultry LookOne World Cap Sleeve Dress ………. $29.99
Nine West Ambitious Pump in Off White Leather ………. $23.99
Camisole in Mineral Deposit ………. $12.50

Super discount outfit today – it’s barely $67! How awesome is that?

I picked a blue peacock dress because sometimes, printed dresses are so fun. And the mix of colors makes the blues that much more vibrant. Peacocks are kind of a big deal back in India and Pakistan, which isn’t surprising because they’re AWESOME. Did you know that when there’s a storm coming, a peacock dances around? It’s adorable.

In addition to being just a wee bit shorter than I like my business casual dresses to be (I personally like them knee length to two inches above the knee, but this height is acceptable except in offices that emphasize the ‘business’ part of business casual a little more than the ‘casual’ part, as it’s just about 3″ above the knee), the dress has a plunging neckline. To fix this, I threw in a beige camisole. I despise words like nude that describe clothing or shoes – um, I’m sorry, nude for who? Because I certainly wouldn’t look nude if I was wearing that, and neither would other ladies of color. It’s not an offensive term, per se, but it’s one we don’t need. Beige camisole. Beige camisole.

And I picked a pair of matching beige shoes to complete the look and keep the focus on the dress. That’s my business casual twist on Miss India’s outfit - how would you guys have styled it? Let’s say we opted to make our base a solid blue dress (not a printed one) in a hue similar to the one in the header picture: how would you have styled it? What accessories would you have picked? Sound off in the comments!