Business Casual: Capes and Ponchos at Work

by Rachel Yeomans | January 19th, 2012   

By Ruthie Kott

If your office is anything like mine, the temperature inside is anything but constant. One minute, it’s freezing and I’m reaching for my winter coat, and the next, I’m ready to strip down to a tank top.

Your problems are solved with a poncho or a cape. Whether jacket or sweater material, it’s like a stylish blanket, which you can toss on or off depending on the temps. Plus, it can turn up the volume on top of your otherwise simple work attire – ponchos at work? Très chic!

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x Business Casual: Capes and Ponchos at Work


Poncho! by rekott featuring teal tops

The star is the cape. The wool button-down has the feel of a blazer, but a little bit more playful.

Underneath the cape are neutral skinny pants and a jewel-toned blouse—still work-appropriate, in case you need to slip off the cape. This top has a bit of a sexy surprise: a subtly revealing embroidered appliqué on the back. Finally, the Forever 21 pendant necklace adds a bit of flair, peaking out from underneath the cape.

If you love the cape/poncho look and have a large shawl, you can easily turn the shawl into a poncho with a brooch or a safety pin. Because of the volume on top, just remember to keep the bottom a little tighter. Now you can feel fashion-forward with your ponchos at work – all for under $100 no less!