Business Casual: Bring Red into Your Work Wardrobe for Under $100

by Rachel Yeomans | February 9th, 2012   

By Brooke O’Neill

Of all the “Hallmark” holidays, Valentine’s Day is probably the most reviled. If you’re single, it’s depressing. If you’re with someone, it’s too much pressure. Of course, it’s also one of the most colorful days of the year, which is why we keep it around.

So, how can you bring red into your work wardrobe without going over the top? Three easy steps:

y Business Casual: Bring Red into Your Work Wardrobe for Under $100


1. Start with black. Ground your look with a solid black sweater, like this sophisticated cowl neck, wood-blend from Tahari, on sale right now for—!!!!—only $35.99.

2. Add some white. Pair the top with a patterned black-and-white skirt. For a sleek style, grab the knee-length dogtooth pencil skirt from British retailer Debenhams ($40.00). If you prefer more flounce, go for the eye-catching a-line wave print ($37.99) from Ruche.

3. Splash with red. The tights are your valentine to Valentine’s day. Only $14.99 from ModCloth, they’re fun, festive, and, well, pretty darn fabulous. Finish off the look by cinching the waist with a red skinny belt ($4.80) and popping these chic retro roses ($9.99) in your ears.

And just like that, you’ve got a great biz casual outfit for just a little more than $100. Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad after all. XOXO.

Natasha Fatah
Natasha Fatah

Love this. But I took a different spin on this idea on my blog today. Black, and white, and bright blue tights: - Have a look, let me know what you think? :)