Bringing the Runway Into the Office with Burberry Prorsum…Or Something Like It

by HumaR | October 28th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

I don’t know about you guys, but occasionally, I like sitting down and looking through pictures from runway shows and looking at the different styles and cuts that are en vogue, and trying to pick up what the designers’ inspirations for their seasonal lines were.

Today, I thought I’d take some of the runway looks and reinvent them for the office. Now, be clear that I have no prayer of creating looks exactly like these designer ones, especially on a $100 budget. So instead, I channel the same inspiration, and I work with the same color palette. And I definitely tone down some of the looks to make them appropriate for the workplace.

About a month ago, Burberry Prorsum made its showing on the London runways with its Spring 2011 line. The look is undeniably British with modern, edgy elegance. I particularly liked this jeweltoned look:

burberryprorsum6 Bringing the Runway Into the Office with Burberry Prorsum...Or Something Like Itburberryprorsum6b Bringing the Runway Into the Office with Burberry Prorsum...Or Something Like It

Look at how pretty that cropped jacket is. The neutral color works so well with the pretty, silky dress and the lime green clutch. Throwing on a neutral is a great way to play a couple jewel tones off each other. Otherwise, you risk looking a bit like a clown with all those bright colors fighting for attention.

Let’s see how I pared down this look and reworked it for the office…and for a tinier budget.

ww34 Bringing the Runway Into the Office with Burberry Prorsum...Or Something Like It

Rampage Dress in Purple ………. $39.99
Faux-Suede Jacket in Buff ………. $23.99
Classic Patent Heels in Black ………. $19.80
Stack of 4 Rings in Black/Grey ………. $4.80

Simple and professional.

I picked a very simple purple belted dress. I hope the belt is removable. Even if it isn’t, eh, that’s okay. I paired it with a neutral blazer and black heels in lieu of the black booties the model is wearing. You might disagree, but I think booties are a little too sexy for work. If your office’s dress code is lax enough to permit them, by all means, go for it! But to be safe, and realizing that not all office codes would allow that, I opted for patent heels.

I had a couple bucks left over (and still do) so I started thinking about accessories. I didn’t want to do a necklace, and a bracelet would be pointless under those long sleeves (unless you rolled them up and put a couple different ones together), so I opted for rings. Bold rings might be in right now, but there’s also something to be said for thin, stackable rings, which is why I went with these four. Wear one, two, four, doesn’t really matter. It’s up to you.

And there is my modest attempt at bringing Burberry Prorsum 2011 into the office!