The Working Man: Avoiding the George Costanza Wallet

by Rachel Yeomans | July 18th, 2012

It’s bizarre that in 2012 we’re still hanging on to receipts, random  bits of paper, loyalty cards for places we’ll never visit again, and various other items that turn a wallet into a “portable” suitcase of useless items. Popularized as a concept of gentle ridicule by the ongoing saga of George Costanza – a character… Read more…

What Your Wallet Says About You and Your Business

by Rachel Yeomans | October 19th, 2009

The wallet reveals a lot about a person. A seemingly simple accessory, the wallet displays whether the carrier is girly with a coin purse, disorganized with receipts and dollar bills jumbled into one place, organized with the massive checkbook and wallet in one, or bothered by clutter with a money clip. When you are at… Read more…

Different Ways to Work Your Work Attire. Recycled Tie Turns to Wallet.

by Rachel Yeomans | October 10th, 2009

What do you do with those neckties that you don’t wear anymore or that are a little out of date? Apparently you can make them into wallets! Check out this option sold by Renegade Handmade.