The Working Man: The Car Shoe

by Kaitlin Chad | February 20th, 2013

The car shoe: a step up from the loafer? A driving shoe? A more comfortable shoe at the end of the day? What ever it is, we love them. A casual option for a dress shoe but still office appropriate (just don’t wear them to a big meeting with a client or your superiors). Neiman… Read more…

The Working Man: Angelo Galasso Men’s RTW Spring 2013

by Kaitlin Chad | January 23rd, 2013

Looking for a sleek fresh spring look? The Angelo Galasso Men’s RTW Spring 2013 collection is the perfect inspiration for your spring time wardrobe. The blue hues and white pants with structured tailored suits are a look to follow that is sleek and relaxed for the fresh weather and cool nights of spring.

The Working Man: Shipley and Halmos Pre-Spring

by Kaitlin Chad | January 16th, 2013

Though it is still cold outside, there’s no reason not to start investing in your spring wardrobe. Shipley & Halmos has curated the perfect casual sporting looks for the working man. It’s time to be rid of the uptight working wardrobe and become a little more relaxed this spring. All these pieces can easily be… Read more…

The Working Man: Vintage Scarves

by Kaitlin Chad | January 9th, 2013

Looking for a new accessory to warm up for the winter? Goldyn for men has amazing vintage scarves that are simple yet sophisticated for your winter wardrobe. These lucky finds from Dior and Burberry are the perfect fit for any working man.  

The Working Man: ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Sweaters

by Kaitlin Chad | December 26th, 2012

Happy holidays to all! Hopefully you are having a productive day back at work or are relaxing with your family enjoying some well-earned vacation. When you are opening gifts, don’t be taken back by the sweater you will probably get from your grandmother. The cliché holiday sweaters for presents shouldn’t be taken for granted this… Read more…

The Working Man: Vintage is In!

by Kaitlin Chad | December 12th, 2012

Low budget or not, vintage pieces add great character to anyone’s wardrobe. Whether it’s from a hole in the wall thrift store or a trendy boutique down the street, vintage pieces are something to keep your eye out for. has great pieces for men’s in their Goldyn Vintage collection. They carry a great vintage… Read more…

The Working Man: Winter Wear Inspired by Burberry

by Kaitlin Chad | December 5th, 2012

The cold is among us! These looks from Burberry’s Fall/Winter Porsum 2012 collection are great inspiration for transforming your chilly fall day look to prepare for the fierce winter weather. This collection is a great example of classic and iconic menswear. Keeping with the timeless pieces by Burberry from trench coats to cashmere scarves, complemented… Read more…

The Working Man: Casual Friday

by Kaitlin Chad | November 15th, 2012

Ah, just a day before Friday. Everyone’s favorite day of the week. A time to relax and enjoy the upcoming weekend away from work. The other best thing about Fridays? When company’s allow “Casual Friday”. However, there is nothing worse than a man showing up to work looking too casual and disrespecting the ability to… Read more…

The Working Man: Sizing, Tailoring, and Cleaning Your Basic Business Wardrobe

by Rachel Yeomans | July 6th, 2011

By Alan Neff Here are a few basic pieces of advice about selecting and caring for your clothes.  Keep in mind that your clothes will be your biggest initial investment in your career after your education and your car, if you need one.  Take care of them and they will serve you well. Sizing Pick clothes… Read more…

The Working Man: The Basic Business Closet

by Rachel Yeomans | June 15th, 2011

By Alan Neff For several months, TheWorkingWardrobe’s Fearless (Feckless?) Publisher has mentioned to me, passim, that she wants more “content” for men here on TheWorkingWardrobe, and then she has cast a meaningful look in my direction.  This implied invitation dumbfounded me. Me?  Write about men’s clothing?  I couldn’t imagine how I could contribute anything useful on… Read more…