5 Items That Should Be Tailored

by Rachel Yeomans | March 26th, 2012
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By Noelle Cellini My Best Foot Forward It’s been said that you if you don’t fit, you don’t have style.  A tailor should be your best friend (a close second would be your cobbler).  Most clothes are made for the masses, so a little adjustment here or there is not uncommon.  It’s when we don’t… Read more…

The Working Man: Quick Fashion Fixes for the Office

by Rachel Yeomans | March 17th, 2010

By Grant Harris 1. Banana peel – Don’t throw out that banana from lunch. Keep the peel for the next time you find your shoes in less than stellar condition and you need a quick shine before the board meeting. Use the inside of the peel and rub in small circles then buff away the… Read more…

Fashion Blog “MyStyleFiles” Discusses the Perfect Fit for the Working Man

by Rachel Yeomans | October 28th, 2009

One of my biggest fashion peeves is that for some reason most men think that baggy is flattering. How wrong they are! I love what Catherine Horgan of MyStyleFiles wrote about finding the appropriate fit for the man’s wardrobe. * * * For men, fit is everything. And if you are tall, clothes should fit… Read more…