From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Internships in the Arts

by WorkWardrobe | June 9th, 2010

By Jacqueline Rezak I have given you outfit ideas in the past for internships in music and fashion, but because I believe that the freedom to dress however you may please in these industries can be so lenient, I felt that one tip would not suffice. I am here to give you another way to… Read more…

The Gen Y Office: Stretching your Wardrobe-Graphic Tees

by Rachel Yeomans | June 1st, 2010

By Sharalyn Hartwell It’s that time of year when Gen Y’ers are packing up, getting ready for summer jobs and internships. Space is often limited and cramped, especially when it comes to closet space, which means you have to make your wardrobe stretch. Your favorite graphic tee is more versatile than you might think. Comfy… Read more…

Superbowl Sunday Sale at Chicago Boutique Hubba Hubba

by Rachel Yeomans | February 4th, 2010

Volunteer Gear: Wearing a Difference

by Rachel Yeomans | July 27th, 2009

Volunteering is one of the most fruitful endeavors an individual can do; plus it is one of the attributes that prospective employers are looking for in their future team members. Some companies even require their employees to volunteer on a regular basis. Volunteer Gear took it one step further. The company and clothing line launched… Read more…