Today’s Coveted Working Look: Ann Taylor Pindot Ankle Pants

by Anne Dreshfield | August 11th, 2014

Hello, August! If you’re not already inundated with fall’s new arrivals in just about every store you love to shop in, you probably will be soon. It feels like fall in San Francisco (thanks, @KarltheFog), but for the rest of the country, I’m sure the feeling is always odd. Who wants to shop for fall’s… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Anthropologie Delacour Blazer

by Anne Dreshfield | December 17th, 2013

I adore a good blazer in the classic colors: black for a more serious look, blue for a preppier vibe, and gray for go-with-anything ease. But a printed blazer? That might just be my newest love. The perfect transitional piece, a blazer can usher you seamlessly from day to night, summer to fall. We love… Read more…

The Working Man: Ryan Gosling and The Power Suit

by Matthew Piker | November 14th, 2012

Ryan Gosling can thank his A-list status on one wardrobe essential: the power suit. As professionals, every guy needs one. And if possible, two. The hunt for this item may seem daunting. It’s the equivalent of the little black dress for women, an item which a girl never stops looking for yet probably has twenty… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: J.Crew’s Ludlow Suit

by Anne Dreshfield | November 7th, 2012

As a college senior already doing interviews (and soon flying to another city for an interview!), I’ve got suits on my mind! While I have a suit right now, I’m debating whether or not I should update my separates with investment pieces that will last for a long, long time–taking me from post-graduation interviews, to… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Suiting the Business Wardrobe

by Rachel Yeomans | September 26th, 2011

I do love featuring in my Coveted Working Looks series various pieces and outfits that inspire creativity to add to the working wardrobe. These may include items and looks that may not be considered a regular part of business attire, however they can definitely be incorporated into it through additions or edits. For today’s post,… Read more…

Toast to Tuesday: 31 Flavors of the Body Type and the Coordinating Pencil Skirt

by WorkWardrobe | March 30th, 2010

By Jacqueline Rezak Growing up, when I would think of what people generally wore to work, I would think of what my parents would wear. My mom, with her slim figure would always wear a very elegant suit – usually a pencil skirt with a matching blazer and pumps. So, as I grew up I… Read more…

Video: Designer Terri Turco Shows Women Over 30 How to Pick a Business Suit

by Rachel Yeomans | January 14th, 2010

Picking a Women’s Business Suit — powered by

How Important is Dress Code in Your Work Environment?

by Rachel Yeomans | November 14th, 2009

Straight Up Corporate by WorkWardrobe featuring Balenciaga

New Employee Ponders Her Office Dress Code in Regards to the Industry and her Demographic

by Rachel Yeomans | November 6th, 2009

My recent incursion into the workforce has rendered me confused as to what exactly constitutes business attire in architecture. With no enforced dress code, the firm I have been working for in the past months continues to surprise me each week, with its similarity to the casualness of a Silicon Valley start-up (though, with the… Read more…

British Businessmen Go for Power in the Black & White Suit

by Rachel Yeomans | October 2nd, 2009

The 2009 Travelodge discarded clothing catalogue released today, has revealed that British workers are taking their fashion advice from Quentin Tarantino and are power-dressing in black and white; like the sharp suited stars from ‘Reservoir Dogs’ – in order to be seen as leaders in the workplace. The hotel chain’s annual clothing inventory report has… Read more…