Transitioning Your Work Outfit from Day to Night

by Kaitlin Chad | November 9th, 2012

With the weekend now here, many of us girls may be ready for a Friday night out on the town. Those of us who work late though, may not have time to run home for an outfit change or have time for an outfit crisis after work. Don’t be hesitant to transition your work day… Read more…

Aubin & Wills Graces Web Shoppers With its UK Magnificence. Clothing Line Now Available on Net-a-Porter

by Rachel Yeomans | October 28th, 2009

I often dream of one day having the opportunity to live and work in London – for the history, the clothing and I admit, to hear the accent throughout the day. Aubin & Wills has served as my fantasy threshold during those dreamy times, and now the UK clothing line is closer than ever before!… Read more…

Planning Ahead for Casual Friday: Parisian Chic

by Rachel Yeomans | October 8th, 2009

I’m getting a bit anxious for the weekend. With the excitement, why not plan my outfit for “casual Friday” tomorrow? With a nod towards Paris Fashion Week, I took the inspiration from Net-a-Porter for a casual Parisian chic look. Would you don this Casual Friday look?

Net-a-Porter Provides the Rule Book to Work the Office in Style

by Rachel Yeomans | September 10th, 2009

Fashion e-retailer Net-a-Porter assists shoppers in kicking off the fall season in not just thinking about ‘going back to school’, but going back to office with a whole new look. Take a twist on the white-shirt combination. Warm up with the sweater dress. Redefine the work suit. Wrap it up with a coat that will… Read more…

Fashion Predictions from The Economist

by Rachel Yeomans | September 4th, 2009

It seems that not just consumers are addicted to the Internet and social media–it seems every other article I read on the fashion industry over the past week, is how the industry is going digitial. After writing yesterday on fashion e-commerce and style web giant Net-a-Porter, I wasn’t too surprised to glance over headlines and… Read more…

Retail via Blackberry. Fashion Future Foretold from Digital Fashion Giant Net-a-Porter.

by Rachel Yeomans | September 3rd, 2009

The life cycle of fashion used to follow the pattern of: Designer makes clothing Clothing goes to buyers Buyers buy clothing Clothing goes to retail store Shopper goes to retail store Shopper buys clothing Over the past few years, and especially so in the past year, the life cycle has shrunk significantly. In the era… Read more…