Monday Start-Up: Summer Escapes

by Rachel Yeomans | June 24th, 2013

There is something dreamy about summer. The thick hot air makes you walk just a little bit slower. The evening teases of breeze make you wonder if you really do need to turn your air conditioning unit on, or should you sit on your porch just a little longer? There is also the sense of… Read more…

Monday Start-Up: Tales from 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

by Rachel Yeomans | March 4th, 2013
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It’s now been over a week. If you’ve been checking out my Instagram account, you have probably been infiltrated with way too many pictures at this point. But sorry, I’m going to keep clicking away. It’s just too darn pretty! The last time we spoke, I shared stories of London and dipping our toes into… Read more…

Toast to Tuesday: Bringing Holiday to Your Work Wear

by Rachel Yeomans | December 11th, 2012

A common question: How does one transition a work look to a holiday party? I believe this week’s selected Polyvore look created by user madped does a great job in showing you how. Check it out!   Untitled #997 by madped featuring a knit cardigan

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Ann Taylor Peplum

by Anne Dreshfield | November 14th, 2012

I’ll admit it: ever since peplum has become popular I’ve been on the hunt for a style that flatters my curves, will look good over a pencil skirt, jeans, or trousers, and doesn’t completely break the bank. I was flipping through an InStyle magazine the other day and landed on a gorgeous shot of Kate… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Caridad Ruffled Dress

by Anne Dreshfield | October 10th, 2012

There’s just something about fall that begs for the sumptuous luster of dark jewel tones. Whether it’s the smokier makeup, the darker nails, or the heavy coats, dark jewel tones just feel right for fall. I was flipping through Anthropologie’s latest catalog and found the Caridad Ruffled Dress, which is a perfect representation of everything… Read more…

Smart Business Bargain: $15 Off Your Order

by Rachel Yeomans | December 20th, 2011

Toast to Tuesday: Dressing for your Secret Office Sweetheart

by WorkWardrobe | February 9th, 2010

By Jacqueline Rezak In honor of Valentine‚Äôs Day, a day that we either choose to love or hate, I am going to propose that instead of hating on the holiday this year, you should choose to embrace it by dressing to impress. Whether you have your eye on Bob the security guard, Dan the CEO,… Read more…

Happy Holiday Giveaway: The Perfect Camisole to Put the “Perfect” into Your Working Wardrobe

by Rachel Yeomans | November 25th, 2009

As we gather the eve before Thanksgiving, we at TheWorkingWardrobe wish to partake in the festivities of the holiday season and reward you for all of the hard work you have accomplished this past year! It has been a rough one, so give yourself an extra pat on the back, a clink of a glass… Read more…

L’Occitane en Provence Offering Free Standard Shipping with Any Limited Edition Gift Set!

by Rachel Yeomans | November 16th, 2009

Last Day to Take Advantage of Free Shipping from L’Occitane en Provence

by Rachel Yeomans | November 11th, 2009