Monday Start-Up: Office Decor

by Rachel Yeomans | December 23rd, 2013
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Sure it’s fun looking pretty at the office, but what about if you’re the prettiest thing in the office? One of my grand accomplishments this month was finally decorating my second bedroom/office! Before I was working amongst unpacked boxes and bare walls. Where is the inspiration in that, I ask you? Needless to say, there… Read more…

Monday Start-Up: Apartment Overhaul

by Rachel Yeomans | May 27th, 2013

The housewarming has come and gone, and I made sure that the basic decor was in place for the soiree. However the decorating is not nearly done! Now I’m looking for things that I may need, but I actually just really want them. Fun, pretty and mostly useless but will work toward building my home… Read more…

Monday Start-Up: Setting Up Home

by Rachel Yeomans | February 4th, 2013

While flipping through pages of this month’s issue of Elle magazine, I was completely giddy over a spread devoted to actress Ginnifer Goodwin’s vintage-inspired home. Not only am I obsessed with the TV series, “Once Upon a Time” (it’s true, one of my friends and I gathered once a month in my apartment to watch… Read more…