Today’s Coveted Working Look: J.Crew Pop-Over Tops

by Anne Dreshfield | March 24th, 2014

I hit the mall this last Saturday with one mission: to find a dress suitable for my friend’s summer wedding in Napa. And I’m happy to say I succeeded (I scooped up this incredible dress and am currently hunting for shoes and accessories to go with); so of course I treated myself to a few… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Sheer Pink and White

by Anne Dreshfield | September 19th, 2012

If you’re anything like me, you might shy away from sheer clothing, especially for work. It can be hard to find a sheer top that is work-appropriate while still retaining the flowing, beautiful appeal of the fabric. Thankfully, we can have the best of both worlds — this Gianetta blouse from Nordstrom is sheer, and… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: The Simple Yet Statement Blouse

by Rachel Yeomans | April 13th, 2012

This blouse really caught my eye with its styling. It also did with its simplicity. So often I opt to purchase the statement hat or a printed tunic versus the staple item. Therefore I am often caught with an amazing skirt and nary a black simple scoop-neck top to pair it with. This top can… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Equipment Signature Blouses

by Emma P. | December 6th, 2011

By Emma Pretto Stuck in a cycle of white blouses and black trousers? Try a traditional button-down shirt in an unexpected color, fabric, or pattern. Available in silk chiffon, silk satin, or washed silk, Equipment Signature Blouses come in a wide range of colors, and even a leopard print. The sheer and silky fabric puts… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Nanette Lepore Nightingale Silk Tie-Neck Blouse

by Rachel Yeomans | November 1st, 2011

We’ve featured tie-neck blouses in the past, and the more options I’m seeing, the more I’m really liking this style! It especially adds creativity to layering your clothing for the office (ideal for blazers and cardigans). This blouse from Nanette Lepore is now added to one of my favorites. First of all, purple is my… Read more…

Business Casual Superstar: The Tie-Neck Blouse

by HumaR | October 6th, 2011

By Huma Rashid Tie-neck blouses can be fun, and look great when paired with bright cardigans. They’re feminine without being girly, and fun while still being office appropriate. I picked a black and white tie-neck blouse for today’s outfit, and built the rest of the outfit around it. Let’s take a look! Tie-Neck Sleeveless Blouse… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Pink Ruffles And Yet Not Too Girly

by Rachel Yeomans | August 19th, 2011

I’m quite impressed by this blouse. There is pink and there are ruffles. Yet somehow it doesn’t make me cringe from being too “girly”. Well done Moschino Cheap and Chic – I think this would be a fabulous accent piece for under a black suit.

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Vivienne Westwood Blouse

by Rachel Yeomans | August 1st, 2011

The print on this Vivienne Westood blouse is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately with the sleeveless one-shoulder, you’d have to wear this under a blazer or cardigan. However I doubt that would hinder the statement it would make at the office. Even better, make sure to wear it to work when you have plans afterward so you… Read more…

Business Casual Superstar: The Tie Front Blouse

by HumaR | June 23rd, 2011

By Huma Rashid Sometimes, I adore little feminine accents in my clothing. Okay, most of the time. I don’t like tons of ruffles or ribbons exploding all over the place, but I can’t tell you how many tops I have with cute little bows or other similar understated feminine accents. I guess that’s one of… Read more…

From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Working the City Look

by WorkWardrobe | June 30th, 2010

By Jacqueline Rezak When interning in a big city, it is much more likely that you will be working around people who dress more “city-like” than they would in small towns or suburbs. This is not a bad thing whether you are in the burbs or in the city, but it is something to consider… Read more…