Shop Spiritual America: Back To Basics With A Twist

by Emma Klug | August 29th, 2014

There comes a point in all young professionals’ lives that they must take a good look at their wardrobes and evaluate. Any experienced business person will tell you that first impressions in a professional setting are beyond important. Therefore it’s crucial that you present yourself in way that is representative of your qualifications, your goals,… Read more…

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Ann Taylor Loft Clean Crepe Tank

by Anne Dreshfield | June 12th, 2013

Since I’ve graduated from college (eek!) and gotten a job (double eek!), I’ve been on the hunt for simple, basic pieces to build out my current working wardrobe. While I’ve built a strong foundation from several summers of internships and semesters of on-campus jobs, there are still a few holes in my wardrobe that I’m… Read more…

From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Internships in the Arts

by WorkWardrobe | June 9th, 2010

By Jacqueline Rezak I have given you outfit ideas in the past for internships in music and fashion, but because I believe that the freedom to dress however you may please in these industries can be so lenient, I felt that one tip would not suffice. I am here to give you another way to… Read more…

Get Your Basics with

by Rachel Yeomans | October 5th, 2009