Today’s Coveted Working Look: Timbuk2 Walker Laptop Backpack

by Emma Klug | September 10th, 2014   

When I was a kid, getting a cool new backpack was always one of the main highlights of back to school shopping for me. Sure, I loved picking out my first day of school outfit and finding out which class I was in, but I knew that the chance for true reinvention presented itself in the opportunity to pick out a backpack. Backpacks, unlike most clothing/school supply items, had the potential to be just as fashionable as they would practical. Plus, it would be an item my classmates would see me with every. single. day.

Needless to say, picking out a new backpack was a decision I didn’t take lightly and luckily, my missteps as far as backpack ownership are concerned were very slim throughout the years. From a navy messenger bag with swirls sequins on the front, a black drawstring bag with my school mascot on it and even a Harry Potter themed one shoulder strap bag, all of my backpacks were unique and representative of my style and personality at the time. However, despite my attempts to have the best backpack ever, none of them were ever quite as cool as the Timbuk 2 Walker Laptop Backpack.

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With internal pockets to help organize small items, side pockets that allow easy access to larger items like water bottles and umbrellas, and a carefully designed front flap that helps keep out rain, the Walker Laptop Backpack has everything you could ever need, and is way nicer than any backpack my 10-year-old self could have ever dreamed of.

Plus, on top of all of its useful features, the Walker Laptop Backpack is also extremely fashionable. It comes in three different colors: bitters, stone and cognac, and because it’s made from waxed 14oz canvas, a water resistant material, it tends to look better with age. The backpack also has premium fabric with a soft finish lining the interior and leather binding and trim surrounding its edges, which ultimately allows the bag to be as chic as it is practical. It’s a solution not just for the student, but for all of you business travelers and frequent commuters.

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The video above demonstrates all of the backpacks best features in use. Unfortunately, a lot of the time when it comes to fashion, you have to sacrifice style for more practical design elements, like comfort and organizational tools, but the Walker Laptop Backpack proves that you can have all of these things so what’s not to love about that?