Student Fashion: The Statement Necklace

by Jessica Braun Gervais | June 24th, 2014   

Most women are guilty of, at one time or another, looking into their closet full of clothes and thinking, “I have nothing to wear”.  For me, this dilemma approaches when I become bored of continually wearing the same outfits.  Instead of heading  to the nearest mall and purchasing an entirely new wardrobe (which let’s be honest, I would totally do if it were in my student budget), I try to find new ways of spicing up my current wardrobe.

Accessories are my go-to when I want to make an old outfit “new” again. One of my favorite accessories is a statement necklace, because as its name suggests, it allows for your outfit to make a statement without too much effort. By changing the necklace, you can alter what you want your outfits to say about you.

One necklace option is something with a little color, like the Midnight Bouquet Bib from Baublebar.  The flower pattern is bold and the pop of blue can add playfulness to a serious professional wardrobe.  Pair a colorful necklace with solid colored top or dress for a maximum statement.

MidnightBib1 Student Fashion: The Statement Necklace Midnightbib2 Student Fashion: The Statement Necklace

I also like the Lead to Chance Necklace by ModCloth. This necklace is elegant and can work for a more sophisticated occasion.  Pair it with a little black dress and prepare to reach knock-status for your next formal work party or ceremony.

But you don’t need  a special occasion to dress up your look.  This necklace can also be worn with a casual office outfit for those days when you feel like making a fashion statement.

LeavetoChanceNecklace Student Fashion: The Statement Necklace

But not all statement necklaces need to be large, intricate pieces of art to say something substantial.  Even something simple, like the Leather and Metal Collar from Sole Society can add the perfect edge to your outfit.

Leatherandmetalcollar Student Fashion: The Statement Necklace