Student Fashion: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

by Jessica Braun Gervais | July 23rd, 2014   

As a student on a budget, I am always looking for ways to have fun with my wardrobe without spending a fortune. One way to make the same old silk blouse and dull trouser seem new and exciting is to dress it up with accessories, and one of my favorite accessories is a great pair shoes.

I believe shoes have a lot of power over an outfit.  For example, take a simple black  tank dress.  If you throw on a pair of red pointed heels, the dress becomes a perfect outfit for a night out on the town.  But change those shoes for a white ballet flat and BOOM: picnic perfection!

The downside to shoes is that if you don’t find the perfect pair, not only can your outfit send the wrong message, but you can also end the day with a combination of blisters, bruises and a whole lot of other unflattering foot problems.  This is why I have some personal shoe “dos” and “don’ts” I try and follow when styling, not only for the office, but for any outfit.

  • Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your shoe choice.

Shoes are an easy way to add color or print to your wardrobe.  If your outfits revolve around a lot of neutral colors or a lack of pattern, try wearing a shoe such as the Uvana by Madison from ShoeDazzel or  the DV8 by Dolce Vita Tasmin Flats.

Screenshot 2014 07 20 22.33.58 2 Student Fashion: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!Screenshot 2014 07 20 22.34.18 2 Student Fashion: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

  • Don’t sacrifice your comfort.

If you are going to be on your feet all day, it might be better to leave the five inch stilettos in the closet, even if they do look fabulous.  It is possible to find something that is both practical and cute (and can even have a heel). Personally, I love Diba Pilot Lace-Up Bootie. I have literally walked miles in these shoes without the slightest bit of discomfort.  The thick heel helps keep stress off the ankle, making them both comfortable and easy to walk in.

Screenshot 2014 07 20 22.47.19 2 Student Fashion: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

  • Do break in your shoes before wearing them out.

Shoes stretch the more you wear them, so it is important to breakout the stiffness of a new shoe before strutting them in the office.  Also, breaking in your shoes will allow for you to know how your feet will react so you can prepare for any blisters or sore spots.  

  • Do go for a kitten heel or wedge.

We all know that sky high heels are not necessarily great for your feet.  However neither are the flattest flats.  Wearing flats actually puts a lot of stress on the heel, which can cause painful bruises and blisters (and I mean painful!).  Instead, go for a kitten heel or low wedge such as the Lauren Ralph Lauren Collins Wedge Pump or the GC Shoes Finishing Touch Pump.

Screenshot 2014 07 20 23.01.17 2 Student Fashion: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!Screenshot 2014 07 20 23.01.51 2 Student Fashion: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!