Student Fashion: Pretty in Pink

by Rachel Yeomans | April 15th, 2014   

I don’t normally classify myself as a “pink” person. Maybe it’s a rebellion to this past winter, maybe it’s my reaction to just how fun it looks (seriously, I’d skip to work wearing this outfit), or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s a fantastic look! So do it you youthful graduates and interns! Embrace the pink!

pink skirt blouse office Student Fashion: Pretty in Pink

The outfit above is just adorable and fun. This is taking it to more of an evening look, but swap the sandals for wedges or round-toe pumps (or even ballet flats) and the clutch for a chic tote, and you have a look meant for shining up the office! Call it, the summer version of the skirt suit.

skirt sweatshirt office Student Fashion: Pretty in Pink

student fashion skirt sweater 802x1024 Student Fashion: Pretty in Pink

Now these above looks are modern nods to the 1950′s. I’m having flashbacks to the movie “When Peggy Sue Got Married” just looking at them – and I love it!

The footwear for both may be a bit much. For the first outfit, I’d lose the socks and keep the Keds. For the second, I’d swap the leopard pumps for a nude patent wedge pump or bejeweled dark gray pointy-toe pumps. The looks definitely shout “fun”, but you still have to be mindful when playing with dress code.