Student Fashion: La Rentrée

by JennB | July 26th, 2012   

Ah, summer. It’s finally kicking into high gear. Picnics…BBQs…pool parties…weekends at the beach…heat-soaked days awash with possibility.  What could be further from your mind than heading back to school, or prepping for that coveted fall internship?

Ready or not, la rentrée – as the French so eloquently call that time of year when summer vacations become mere memories replaced by thoughts of school and/or work – is fast approaching and we’re here to help.

Come Labor Day – whether you’ll be packing for a dorm, a sorority suite, or an off-campus apartment – your #1 dilemma will undoubtedly be that you do not enough space to store all your stuff. Stuff for eating, sleeping, studying, dressing, socializing. It’s a lot to manage considering the average dorm room comes in at roughly 12’ x 14’, depending on your institution and your lottery luck. Cut that space in half if you’re sharing with a roommate.

Many spatial challenges can be easily solved with simple organizers and good ol’ fashioned ingenuity.  Retailers such as Target, The Container Store, and Bed Bath & Beyond have created entire micro-shops that cater to the college-bound or to the small apartment dweller.  Each offers every-day essentials from bedding to small-profile kitchen electronics to innovative ways to keep to clutter at bay, most at budget-friendly prices.

c600x594 Student Fashion: La Rentrée

One of my favorite storage solutions is the Smart Store System Tote at The Container Store. With sizes ranging from small to extra large, these customizable and portable totes allow you to choose the inserts and trays to best match your needs. They’re perfect for desk supplies, make-up, hair accessories, jewelry, or crafting materials.

c600x490 Student Fashion: La Rentrée

There is also a new crop of design-related subject matter experts (SMEs) dedicated to maximizing small spaces. has developed an entire content library dedicated to small spaces, while the year-old offers college-specific, super-stylish product solutions in addition to the latest in dorm and small apartment decor trends.

Taking cues from the season’s hottest colors and styles, offers completed room ideas and the ability to purchase one or all of the items you see with the click of a mouse.

The Dormify bedroom below looks to summer festivals and ‘tent chic’ for inspiration by pairing sunny marigold with chocolate brown and a steely grey with cool ikat prints for a totally hip space.

For more intensive DIY tips and college lifestyle advice, you can even reach out to Dormify’s Style Advisors, or garner quick tips from their style blog.

So no matter your living quarters this fall, you now have choices abound to ensure your space is as fashion-forward and one-of-a-kind, just like you.