Student Fashion: Inspired By Lorelai Gilmore

by Jessica Braun Gervais | October 9th, 2014   

In case you haven’t heard, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix! And in case you haven’t experienced the coffee-driven,  quick-witted, freakishly close mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, I’d suggest you block out your weekends for awhile and make a standing date with your Netflix account.

Not only does this show exhibit powerful women in the work force (there is Gypsy, who owns the local automotive shop; Miss Patty, who owns the dance studio; Lorelai and Sookie, who own the town’s inn; and Franny, who owns a number of estates in the town), it fills the quaint town of Stars Hallow with fashion inspiration!

Meet Miss Lorelai Gilmore, manger of the Independence Day Inn, co-owner of The Dragonfly Inn and workplace fashionista!

Lorelai gilmore girls  Student Fashion: Inspired By Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai’s a quirky character, and with that comes a quirky sense of style. One of her many reoccurring fashion choices is the high-heeled mid-calf boot, often paired with dresses and skirts. Some of my favorite Lorelai inspired footwear is the Nine West Retta Boot and the Diba Whitney Boot.

Gilmore shoes Student Fashion: Inspired By Lorelai Gilmore

Their classic style and neutral colors make them a perfect compliment to any outfit. Plus they are not painfully uncomfortable and fairly easy to walk in.

Along with a variety of boots, there never seems to be a shortage of blazers in Miss Gilmore’s closet.  One of my favorites is this white blazer with orange pinstripes.  I love how the orange shirt incorporates some color and makes the pinstripes of the blazer pop.

orange blazer Student Fashion: Inspired By Lorelai Gilmore

Want to make your own color statement? Dress up your outfit bright or colorful blazer. In the spirit of autumn, I would opt for this burnt orange Women’s Blazer with Turn-up Polka Dots Sleeves from Amtify. The color is bright enough to make a statement, but not too bright to depress your colleagues by reminding them that summer, is in fact, over.

organd blaze 2 Student Fashion: Inspired By Lorelai Gilmore

The one item that really sticks out from Lorelai’s wardrobe is her infamous pink coat. It’s probably the attitude she has while wearing it, but I  can’t help to love how she rocks this girly pink in such a grown-up way. Maybe it’s the awesome large gold buttons.

Screenshot 2014 09 19 19.55.54 2 Student Fashion: Inspired By Lorelai Gilmore

This JOA Blush Long Line Coat has a similar style and color and looks just as chic. Girly yet sophisticate, looking great both over a tailored dress as well as a t-shirt and jeans.

Screenshot 2014 09 19 19.37.36 2 Student Fashion: Inspired By Lorelai Gilmore

Unfortunately, this are just too many great pieces to mention in this post alone. If you want more Stars Hallow fashion, check out the show and let us know what your favorite outfits are!