Student Fashion: Decoding Office Style for the Artist

by Rachel Yeomans | March 21st, 2012   

By Jenn Bussell

For years I’ve found myself straddling two professional worlds – Corporate and Creative. While I much prefer to lean to left, I find leaning to the more conservative right often delivers a bigger paycheck. To make up for the financial trappings of the 9-5 set, I tend to express my inner creative child with a mix of vintage finds, classic wardrobe staples, and trendy accessories.

If you’re fortunate to be part of “The Creative Class” on a full-time basis, there’s no need to sacrifice form over function with your working wardrobe. You get to experience the best of both worlds!

Be it amateur or professional, those of you pursuing a career in the artistic trades – Writers, Designers, Photographers, Performers – have carte blanche to express your individuality from head to toe. In fact, it’s practically mandatory in fields where you’re being hired to generate and present uniquely innovative concepts. Below are a few looks to inspire your most stylish yet work-appropriate self.

The Photographer
Your outfit is your calling card when trying to get ‘the shot.’ You’ll need to strike a balance between blending into the background while standing out as a pro in-the-know, accomplished superbly with this strapless black jumpsuit. Pounding the pavement to capture street scenes or style standouts necessitates comfortable, colorful kicks like Vans, and lightweight duffel to tote your gear.

c630x630 Student Fashion: Decoding Office Style for the Artist

The Deco-rator
With a nod to Art Deco and the long, lean line of Manhattan’s Chrysler Building this look is a study in chic. The chevron-print suit from Asos is the standout here, with neutral yet bold accessories bridging the gap between conventional and cool.

c630x630 Student Fashion: Decoding Office Style for the Artist

The Writer
On your bookshelf you’ve conveniently placed the Lucky Shopping Manual right next to your The Chicago Manual of Style.  Whether drafting the next great American novel – or next great blog entry – you can encapsulate the look of accomplished author with an Ikat print dress, straw fedora, and bookishly-cute Oxfords…with or without the comma.

y Student Fashion: Decoding Office Style for the Artist

With all of this being said, you must let your creative energy shine; but at the end of the day you need to run a business. If you have a client who may be offended or may not give you funding because you don’t seem “professional” enough, you may want to consider that before going to a business meeting. As we say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Don’t let that picture be a blemish on your professionalism. You can make a statement, but let others know you mean business at the same time.

Now – caveat aside – put those suits in storage, dear Creatives; seasonal trends are your new best friends.

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