Student Fashion: Casual Fridays

by Jessica Braun Gervais | August 22nd, 2014   

Outside of the workplace, most people consider “casual” attire to be jeans and a T-shirt – or if you’re a college student, sweats and an over-sized hoodie. But when it is used in terms of office attire, “casual” can have a different connotation.  When it comes to dressing for work, casual doesn’t mean “dress however you want to”; it really just means “dress less fancy than usual, while still looking professional.” But how exactly does one dress casual but stay professional? Here are some quick tips for dressing for your next casual Friday:

In general casual Fridays usually give the okay to incorporate denim into your wardrobe, however that doesn’t mean all jeans are acceptable for work.  Stay away from rips, tears, acid wash and patchwork.  If you are going to go with blue jeans, keep them dark, such as the Low Rise Skyscraper Jean from Express.

Screenshot 2014 08 10 18.25.20 2 Student Fashion: Casual Fridays

Colored jeans, including white, are another great option for Fridays. They are easy to style and make look professional such as the Jones New York Signature Slim-Fit Straight-Leg Jeans or the ‘Clarissa’ Fitted Stretch Ankle Skinny Jeans

Screenshot 2014 08 10 19.06.47 2 Student Fashion: Casual Fridays

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Color is not the only thing to consider when wearing jeans to work.  Make sure the fit is appropriate.  Jeggings or baggy boyfriend jeans should be saved for weekend wear.  Instead, go for a slim fit or boot cut.

No mater where you work, sweats are never an acceptable choice for casual Friday.  It’s causal Friday, not frumpy Friday. And yes, that includes yoga pants. What is acceptable are slouchy pants such as the Hive & Honey Slouchy Pants from Piperlime, which are basically just a fancy version of sweatpants.  Pair them with heels and a silk blouse and one might mistake your office sweats for classic trousers!

Screenshot 2014 08 10 18.51.24 2 Student Fashion: Casual Fridays

Casual also does not give an okay for T-shirts or hoodies.  You still should go for delicate blouses or sweaters, but maybe leave the blazer or button up collared shirts at home.

As for the shoes, stay away from sneakers and anything that might resemble a slipper (this includes Crocs. Please, just don’t do it!).  This is a completely acceptable time to leave the heels in the closet and replace them with a simple ballet flat, such as the ‘Moveover’ Pointy Toe Flat.

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