Student Fashion: Buy Now. Save Now. Look Fab Later.

by JennB | August 8th, 2012   

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of the September issues of your fave fashion mags being nestled into your dorm room mailbox.

Like any good fashion fanatic, you’ll be tearing through those pages faster than Usain Bolt tore up the Men’s 100m final.

As exciting as it is, be prepared. There won’t be too many sartorial surprises. In reality, there rarely are.  Season after season your guides to autumnal dressing will always include:

  • Coats
  • Sweaters
  • Boots
  • Accessories

With Fall/Winter ’12 trends – brocades, graphic prints, embellished collars, animal prints, and elegant menswear – are all competing for your attention and your hard-earned dollars. Remember one savvy tip: The classics are always timeless and in style.

The key to maximizing your seasonal budget is to invest in the classics and be on trend with accessories.

Lucky for you, both frugal shoppers and the student alike, I’ve already done a little research (and a little shopping) to know that August is the primo time to snap up beautiful basics at bargain-basement prices.  The little-known secret is that – stylistically speaking – the above list rarely changes year-over-year.  A single-breasted trench is a single-breasted trench.  A cashmere cardigan remains a cashmere cardigan. Sure, colors and trimmings will evolve with the times, but you can fake those trendy treatments with – say it with me – accessories.

For example, imagine pairing your bargain down commuter coat or leather biker jacket with a funky leopard print scarf à la 2012. Think of calming down a colorful, graphic print dress with traditional tan riding boots found on sale for a fraction of the cost.

The good news for you is that so many of your go-to shops are having amazing sales right now to make room for new merchandise. Bloomingdales…J. Crew…Brooks Brothers…ASOS…Lands’ End…Zappos.  That means deals of 30%, 40%, and even 70% off the original prices. But none shall be wiser when you look like a million bucks come November.

c600x600 Student Fashion: Buy Now. Save Now. Look Fab Later.