Student Fashion: Building Your Office Glam Kit

by Rachel Yeomans | April 25th, 2012   

By Jenn Bussell

So you’ve got a stash of paper clips, Post-its, binder clips, and pens strewn across your desk…perfect for the emergency presentation. But what about the office beauty emergency? Are you a good Girl Scout? Are you prepared?

One of my favorite rituals when starting a new job or consulting project is creating my Office Glam Kit to keep me head-to-toe ready for anything the day throws my way. Plus, I know I’ll always have the right tools at the ready to primp for après work dinner or drinks without having to lug everything and the kitchen sink in my work tote.

I usually head out over lunch to the nearest drug store and peruse the aisles for bargains abound. You’d be surprised what your local Rite Aid, Duane Reade, and CVS has in store for the savvy shopper.

Start with buying a cosmetic bag in a fun print. These fab ones courtesy of Forever 21 ring in at less than $6, but you can find similar styles at Target and Walgreens for under $10. You can also kill two birds with one savvy stone by heading over to Sephora where you’ll find beauty bags pre-packaged with your fave products.

c630x630 Student Fashion: Building Your Office Glam Kit

Fill it with petite versions of your home-based beauty basics such as toothbrush & paste, Q-tips, tinted lip balm, hand sanitizer and lotion. Add in a few work-specific and travel-ready essentials like makeup brushes, roll-on perfume in a light citrus-y scent, Evian facial mist to ward off dry office air, and packable flats for when the day’s stilettos start to pack a punch. These budget-friendly ones from Dr. Scholl’s fit the bill.

c630x630 Student Fashion: Building Your Office Glam Kit

To stave off pre-meeting hunger pangs be sure to include a box of healthy snacks; my personal preference is granola bars but any individual snack will do.

Keep your kit tucked away in a close-at-hand drawer so you’re always boardroom-ready, and cocktail-hour cute.

c630x630 Student Fashion: Building Your Office Glam Kit