Student Deals All for $20 or Under

by Rachel Yeomans | September 29th, 2009   

Read ideal fashion finds (with an emphasis on frugal) relayed to you by Columbia student Jess T. via

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The recession is bad news for anyone looking to get a job, save some money or sell a house. But it’s great news for fashionistas! Stores that were once dowdy and just screamed “crazy cat lady” are bringing in new designers to create chic lines at lower prices.

T1 jcp logo 02192008 Student Deals All for $20 or Under

Take JC Penney. When was the last time you stopped in there (not counting those post-Starbucks bathroom emergencies)? I know: never. Because their clothes were cheap, outdated and just not cute. Well, that’s not the case anymore! JCP now sells several lines by popular designers (Charlotte Ronson, Nicole Miller, and Allen B. Schwartz, to name a few) and they not only have stuff that is totes cute, it’s totes affordable as well.

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