From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Working City Series – NYC

by WorkWardrobe | March 31st, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

Every city holds several different types of work environments and stereotypes, NYC being one of them. New York City is a place filled with hustle, bustle, and muscle. If you choose to take an internship in this wonderful city, be prepared  for a wild ride filled with valuable experience, long hours and tough love. Of course, not all internships in this city fit into that stereotype, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

One important fact about interning in New York City is that you need to dress the part. I don’t necessarily mean a rigid pencil suit, but rather something that shows youth (encompassing excitement, passion, flexibility and a bit of naiveté) and professionalism all in one. There are many different outfit combinations that can be created including the one above. Less is more in terms of accessories.  The rule for shoes remains the same in this city as it does for any: If your feet hurt in your footwear after an hour do not wear them. A classic blazer with a broach is always a cute touch along with the combination of navy and faded vintage brown. I couldn’t help but add these shoes, how could you not feel confident walking in these weapons!

This look is a bit more professional than the previous, but still just as youthful and stylish. Please take notice of the larger tote. Most interns don’t sit behind a computer from 9am to 5pm. Rather they run errands, prep meeting rooms, organize presentations, and sometimes even *gasp* run out to fetch the morning meeting attendees their coffee. Therefore you need to make sure you have certain items on hand, especially in a city like New York. You never know what mishaps may occur between the office and the subway. Make sure to have bottled water, band-aids, hand wipes, a hair comb, and of course extra lip gloss and face freshener. You don’t want to look like you’ve been running errands all day do you? And if you feel a bit too disheveled (and maybe a bit sweaty), make sure you have a spritz or two of travel perfume in your purse, hair ties/clips, and a lovely cardigan that presents the image of collected versus cover-up.