From the Classroom to the Cubicle: The Business Intern

by WorkWardrobe | May 28th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

When it comes to internships in business such as finance, economics, trading, accounting, etc., it is important to look extremely professional. Within these fields there is not much room for showing your creative side or individual style – after all, business is business. As a business intern you want give off the impression that you are dependable, professional, and reliable through your work but also through your clothes.

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Business Intern by WorkWardrobe featuring DKNY bags

Usually you will be given a dress code when you get hired as an intern for a large company such as business professional; this means you can work with different variations of a suit. For example, a pant suit- with a blazer, slacks, pumps, and a blouse. Another variation would be a pencil skirt, blazer, button down collared shirt, and pumps. Although the clothing options don’t seem as exciting as they may for other internships there are ways to spice things up just a little. Try different blouses into the mix, floral patterns, solid colors, etc. are all acceptable when worn under a blazer. Also, don’t forget your accessories! Let us know if you’re a business intern! What do YOU wear to the office?