From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Representing Your Company (With Style)

by WorkWardrobe | July 21st, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

Sometimes as an intern, you will be asked to attend events such as networking functions, panels, holiday association parties, and even golf outings. When this opportunity comes along I suggest you plan your outfit ahead of time to avoid any nervous breakdowns. It also doesn’t hurt to ask around on what to wear – play the ‘intern’ card and admit a bit of ignorance. People won’t judge you and they will actually most likely look at your efforts as a good sign that you want to make a good impression. That is never a bad thing in the working world. Here’s a good look for a networking event in the corporate world.

Chances are this may be a bit too much on the formal side for your industry. I’ve discussed attire for the arts industry in the past, so don’t think I didn’t ignore you musicians and fashion folk out there!

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Representing your Company by WorkWardrobe featuring DKNY bags

These events are the time to show your company what you’ve got aka- let them know why they hired you. So, when you are attending an event you are representing your company and there for should dress the part. However there is a caveat: I am all for fun outfits but when you are working an event, make sure to tie something into your outfit to keep it professional, such as the blazer in the outfit above.

Going to a work event and unsure of how to strut your new-to-the-job style? Let us know we can help!