From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Office Party? RSVP Yes!

by WorkWardrobe | March 3rd, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

As an intern you may find yourself being slightly timid. The reasons for this may vary—you may be soaking up all of the information you are getting or you might just be shy. Regardless, it is important to be outgoing to prove to your supervisor that you are ready for a full-time position by expressing yourself and contributing your ideas to the company. This doesn’t mean blurt out any old thing that comes to mind, but rather express ideas that you feel confident about.

A great way to become part of ‘the team’ and to feel more comfortable as an intern is to accept any invitation you receive. For example, if there is an office party and someone invites you to come (consider yourself lucky), definitely say yes! This is a perfect opportunity to get to know the people you are working with on a professional level but also on a more personal level. I know that going to functions when you are flying solo can be somewhat awkward, but I promise you that by showing up you will definitely prove to your colleagues that you are confident and dedicated! Try the look above to have a professional yet youthful image; and feel free to switch up the shoes depending on how formal the party is.