From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Mini Skirt Guidelines for the Intern

by WorkWardrobe | April 14th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

Have you seen those mini skirts that have recently become all the rage? If not, let me create a visual for you: These skirts are so tight that you can not only see each and every Dunkin Donut munchkin you’ve eaten, (and no you can’t have juuuust one more) but you can even see the splash of cream you snuck into your coffee.  They fit like a bandage. However I say if you’ve got it, work it.

Yes, I decided to stop torturing myself and purchase one – after all they are pretty ridiculously cute. Mine is by the brand, Pleasure Doing Business with You and I love it.

Picture 2 From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Mini Skirt Guidelines for the Intern

But, when I wear it I feel as though my toosh is on public display and that’s just not my style. If you do enjoy that look, you can do what you please, however don’t you dare try to wear it in the office.

Being an intern we are given the opportunity to show our youthful side through the way we dress. As I always like to point out, each and every internship is different so don’t test the waters if you believe yours does not allow for a laid back dress code. If you do plan to wear a skirt like this to the office, I have a few pointers as displayed in the image above. Pair this skirt with matte black tights and a black ankle boot to create a more professional look that leaves no hint of skin. To complete your outfit, I suggest a boyfriend blazer (NOT a regular blazer), as the boyfriend blazer gives you some length to cover you up and give the illusion of length. This is an easy look to pull off and also to use multiple times by switching the colors of the blazer and skirt!