From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Express Yo-Self!

by WorkWardrobe | March 10th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

Through out each of my internships I have experienced several different dress codes– ranging from the uniform, at home in PJ’s, casual, fashionable and much more. Some internships that take place in the entertainment industry (music, arts, and fashion) allow for a more relaxed dress code. By relaxed I don’t mean a hoody and sweats – more like the freedom to show off your style in a professional way. I have put together an example of an outfit below that I feel would express my personal style (urban chic) but still remains professional and could be worn to an internship in an artistic field.

In this outfit you will find a variety of different materials mixed together such as cotton, denim, and leather. Don’t be afraid to combine textures. Doing so often can give your outfit more personality and make you stand out – albeit not in way that would send you home for a wardrobe change. This professional yet fashionable outfit consists of black denim skinny pants, a black and white striped tee (stripes are so in right now) with ruffled sleeves, a motorcycle-esque leather jacket (to be removed once you are at the office) and leather ankle boots. Accessories include a red rose ring, a basic nail polish, and big leather bag. In a more relaxed environment don’t be afraid to express yourself through your clothing. If you are more on the timid side, your clothing can be a way to show your superiors and colleagues that you fit the environment you’re in even if you are still building up your working confidence. After all, fashion is the best form of self-expression!