From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Express Yo-Self – Internships in the Arts

by WorkWardrobe | April 8th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

Those who have gained internships in the arts, such as music or fashion, often have the opportunity to dress in a more expressive way. While this is not true for all internships in this field, some have a dress code that allows for more bold pieces with an edge. When given this freedom many of us fashionistas don’t hold back. I mean after all, how often are we told that we can come to our internship in something other then a suite? Not very often, so it is obvious that we would want to take advantage of this rare opportunity. So, when picking out your clothes there is just one thing that I suggest you keep in mind: It is not all about you. Meaning, although you are given freedom, there is a point of no return (ing to the office ever again).

You may be thinking, how will I know if I am crossing the line between over the top or if I am still work appropriate? Pick a color theme. For example in the outfit above I chose to work off of black, a safe color for the office and a color we all have plenty of pieces in.  Then think about not just any old black shirt or pants but black pieces you could incorporate to make it stand out, such as a harem pant and a leather jacket with magnified shoulder pads. Next come accessories. Since you have the freedom to show your artistic side, a unique shoe like the one above would be a great touch. Add a pair of ray bans and a studded Alexander Wang bag to this set and you are already the baddest chick at your internship!