Business School Rolls Out the Red Carpet

by Rachel Yeomans | September 22nd, 2009   

The GW Business school held its second annual “Pop Your Collar” event Wednesday. The event was a fashion show, designed to welcome business undergraduates back to school and introduce them to the career center and its opportunities.

The show was hosted by the Business School’s F. David Fowler Career Center and Undergraduate Programs. After opening remarks by by Lawrence Singleton, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, and Gil Yancey, Executive Director of the FDFCC, students were reintroduced to the business school, as well as the career center.

Yancey presented a video titled “Rise Above the Rest,” featuring students discussing the career center, how they have used it, and how it has benefited them. Following the video, Yancey introduced the fashion show, which he described as “an upbeat and fun way for us to raise your awareness of the resources that are available to you.”

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Picture236 Business School Rolls Out the Red Carpet