Are You “In the Know”? Gives Students the 411

by Rachel Yeomans | September 24th, 2009   

You know that really annoying friend of yours who feels the incessant need to point out that they were the first to know about a now really popular band every. single. time. it comes on the radio?

As annoying as they are, there is something exciting about the knowing of a new band, new clothing brand, great sale, awesome book or recipe, and sharing it with the ones you love. And by ones you love, I mean the ones you go back and forth with right here on the CollegeCandy message boards.

So here’s the deal: every week, we will feature 3 things that YOU think other CollegeCandy readers just have to know about. Anything at all. Nothing is off limits.

Click here to read what Jill from the University of Wisconsin has to say about this week’s three picks.

in the know lead Are You In the Know? Gives Students the 411