The Working Man: Working Through the Rain

by Rachel Yeomans | August 15th, 2012   

Rain is a pronounced presence during this late summer season. And when you’re en route to work or heading to a meeting, it isn’t necessarily a welcome presence. Granted we need the rain to help with our horrible drought. However to keep your clothes in dry shape, you may need a few items with you during the day. First of all, have an umbrella. I wouldn’t skimp on this - buy a nice big umbrella and settle it on top of your briefcase when commuting. Your pant legs will thank you for having it. You may want to consider pulling a tactic that women often do: Carry your shoes and wear protected footwear.

rain boots for men The Working Man: Working Through the RainThere are shoes out there that won’t clash with your outfit (see above), but help keep your feet and socks dry when outside in the wet weather. And speaking of socks, keep extras.

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