The Working Man: New Year, New Look

by Andy F. | December 30th, 2010   

Making a New Year’s resolution and making it work are two different objectives. However, it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem. After all, your New Year’s resolution is all about YOU. It’s time to focus on how you can better yourself -mind & body. So take a moment to reflect on the changes you want (or need) to make and how you’re going to follow through with them!

Most often the resolutions we make for ourselves tend to have a common theme: Get organized & look good without spending a fortune.

Well you’re in luck, because we’re about to teach you how to do just that!

Hair Styling

Start with the hair. Since a man’s hairstyle contributes greatly to his overall appearance, it will be the most noticeable and significant part of your new look. The trick is not spending as much time or thought on the actual style, but rather the stylist you’ll use. Find a trustworthy professional hairstylist to suggest a winning look by assessing your features and hair type.


Don’t forget to tame and sculpt your new look with styling products such as hair pomades or gels. Also, keep in mind that tidy, trimmed sideburns, facial hair and fingernails go a long way toward creating a polished, professional image. See GQ’s Style Guide for more tips on becoming a well-groomed man.


Keeping current doesn’t have to mean purging the old to make way for the new. The goal is to work with the staples you already own and make room for a few new seasonal editions.

First, take an inventory of the clothes you already have. Pull out every drawer and every hanger. Your bedroom should look like it’s been burgled. Then sort your wardrobe into piles. Get rid of anything that’s worn out and/or discolored, no matter how comfortable it is. Worn jeans can be trendy, within reason, but if the hems are worn to tatters say goodbye.

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“Subtle changes can make a big difference” -according to the Style Rule Book by Men's Health

Next get rid of never-worn clothes (anything you haven’t worn in the last few months still bearing a price tag). Now sort through what’s left and determine what’s missing. You should have at least a couple pair of jeans that fit well, some basics like T-shirts and button-downs, a few business casual looks and some special formal outfits.

When acquiring a few new items, lay-off expensive trends. Keep in mind the clothes you buy should accentuate your form, skin tone and hair color. For instance if your suit looks and/or feels baggy, don’t be afraid to drop a couple sizes. Going to a tailor can have a profound difference (notice how the slimmer fit of the suit accentuates the physique in the image at left, for a taller and leaner look).

Have you made your New Year’s resolution(s) yet?