The Working Man: How to Dress for the Office Holiday Party

by Andy F. | December 23rd, 2010   

iStock 000006988723XSmall 235x300 The Working Man: How to Dress for the Office Holiday PartyYour holiday party may be miles from the office or just next to your cubicle, either way, remember that you are still with the office crew – and even the best dressed can be an eyesore (see image at left).

How to Dress for Daytime Holiday Parties

For parties that take place during the work day – such as office lunches or end-of-day get-togethers – you’ll need to dress appropriately for work, but still incorporate a professionally festive tone into your outfit. The best outfits for these pseudo parties can be put together by sampling from your work wardrobe and mixing it up with a bit more flare and personal style. For instance, dark trousers or denim, paired with a suit jacket and dress shoes will instantly transform your look.

What to Wear at an Evening Holiday Office Party

If you’re going straight from work, extra thought should be put into what you’ll be wearing that day. If your office is business casual on most days, today is the day to err on the side of “business,” and less on the side of “casual.”

If you have time dress for the party (whether at home or on the way from work) a jacket, tie and nice pair of shoes will step the “business casual” look up a notch. Your boss, your boss’s boss, and even the CEO may be in attendance, so you’ll want to be confident about how you’re presenting yourself and keep in mind the most important rule – unless you office is hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, keep the Christmas sweaters (and ties) in the closet!

Happy Holidays from The Working Wardrobe!