The Working Man: Gifts He’ll Actually Wear

by Andy F. | December 16th, 2010   

By Andy Flynn

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While socks are a practical gift for men, anything stitched with the day of the week is not!

There is no such thing as the “perfect” gift. Every man is different, with unique tastes and preferences. That being said, men can be very hard to shop for! However, there are a few things just about every man will appreciate -as long as it’s not another tie.

Giving a guy a tie as a gift is just about as cliche as giving him a Christmas sweater. Don’t do it! Ties (and sweaters) are extremely trendy and styles often and quickly change in and out of fashion. As more professionals (including executives) are now going tie-less , save the extra closet space for shoes – not ties.

Yes, there is of course a caveat to this statement as you may be one of those men that desperately need ties. If that is the case, then yes, a tie is then a very appropriate gift. However I recommend it not being the sole gift item. Perhaps you can tie the tie around a secondary gift as a fashion-forward (and creative) take on the present bow.

Guys tend to stick with a “comfort color” when it comes to dressing themselves. Often it is something neutral, such as a beige or black. The holidays present a perfect opportunity to give gifts that will add to the color pallet of his wardrobe. The trick to buying clothes for someone else (besides knowing their size) is to choose clothing colors that accentuate skin tone.

Adding to a man’s bland wardrobe will make him stand out at the office and the extra attention will also get him out of the comfort color zone. So if you know his skin type, you know he’ll probably like the gift (even if he’s not normally a “pastel” guy). However, one word of caution; since standard sizing tends to vary among retailers, be sure to purchase dress clothes that can be tailored.

Guys also appreciate gifts that are practical. For example, men have a tendency to go on wearing undergarments until they’re faded and torn. When we do purchase new ones, its usually something cheap.  So refresh his sock drawer with ones that are made from quality fabrics (note: anything bearing cartoon prints or comic sayings  are for kids -not men).  Instead, a new set of comfortable undershirts and drawers from Calvin Klein is a perfect gift idea for any guy!

If you’re looking for a gift that is a different kind of “personal” other than boxer shorts, consider giving him something nice that he’ll actually use on a daily basis. An example could be a designer wallet or watch.  While all Swiss watches must meet a certain standard of quality, not all of them cost a fortune.  You don’t have to shell out five figures for a Rolex. One relatively unknown Swiss watch manufacturer, Montres Charmex actually topped Rolex with a model that a higher quality and costs far less! So before you head out to the store, I’ll leave you with one last smart shopper tip:  When it comes to price, pay more attention to quality over brand. Happy Holidays (and shopping)!

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