The Working Man: Fall & Winter Fashion Color for Men

by Andy F. | November 24th, 2010   

By Andy Flynn

It is true to say that one of the most important factors when choosing the color of a dress shirt is taking into account your personal coloring – hair color and skin tone. Once you have discovered what colors can compliment you personally, the next step would be to take a look at the relationship between both color and the seasons.

Spring, with its cottons and khakis, was a time for soft colors and light shades that can deal with the glare of the sun. Now that the fun and vibrant hues of summer have faded, it’s time for a bolder palette to step into style.

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Generally ‘strong’ colors are a very common theme in fall fashion collections.

Darker days and nights equal darker colored dress shirts. It doesn’t mean you have to be completely dull though! Brown tweeds and black wools may be dour, but can set the stage for you to wear bright, bold colors and hues that will contrast sharply with the dreary, mostly slate palette that most everyone else is likely to be using.

Contrast is the name of this fashion game, and enough of it should be established between your bold colored item (usually a tie or a scarf) and the rest of what you’re wearing.
If you’re wearing this style strategy to the office, your jacket, trousers and scarf should be in some dark or understated color to keep all eyes on that single bold piece.

Fall colors certainly can bring the best of fashion out in a man’s attire when the appropriate colors are chosen and matched throughout the entirety of the outfit. An excellent resource for finding the proper fall colors for ties is simply to look at what nature provides by way seasonal color. Earthy tones (which give the feeling of warmth) will be dominant shades of any fall wardrobe. Almost any of the colors that are found in the autumn leaves works most perfectly when it comes to accessories in the men wardrobe. Colors which designers offer for men this season are mostly dark: black, gray, brown, deep green, etc. They are practical and always look stylish. However, for those who love to stand out with a more vibrant color, go for dark richer orange, red and burgundy hues.

Now that you know the secrets of color and season combinations, you should be able to step out in style and confidence any day of the year!

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What Should Men Wear

The guy on the second picture could really use a bright shirt under his vest! I'd suggest a dark purple or even black.