Shop Sid Mashburn: Inspirational Menswear

by Emma Klug | July 14th, 2014   

It can sometimes be difficult to create a lot of variation for the working man’s wardrobe. With so many awesome professional clothing options already available for men – such as the traditional suit and tie, polo and khakis, button up and chinos, etc. – it can be easy to stick to traditional clothing options and fall into a style rut. Therefore, it’s important that wherever you shop also inspires you.

Sid Mashburn, the men’s wear portion of Mashburn, focuses on classic suiting, fit and clothing traditions and is the answer to boring menswear. Unlike other stuffy and uptight menswear brands, Sid Mashburn manages to stays edgy with its eclectic mix of inspiration that ranges from Gordon Parks, Steve McQueen, Belle & Sebastian and the 1971 BMW 3.0CS.


C1024562alt11 877x1024 Shop Sid Mashburn: Inspirational Menswear

Pink/Green/Yellow Madras Sports Shirt

c1009163 877x1024 Shop Sid Mashburn: Inspirational Menswear

Aztec Pocket Square

9783833160455 handmade shoes for men 873x1024 Shop Sid Mashburn: Inspirational Menswear

Handmade Shoes For Men

With button-down shirts in an array of prints, knit polos in neon summer hues and trousers made from twill, linen, seersucker and more, Sid Mashburn is a destination for men who want to make the most out of their professional wardrobe and hone in on classics. However, some of the best pieces from the brand actually come from the most unsuspecting categories like the Aztec Pocket Square, Kent Clothes Brush and Handmade Shoes For Men book.

While the two brick and mortar shops of Sid Mashburn are based in Atlanta and Houston, the online shop’s extensive selection of items and inspiration make the possible distance seem obsolete. The Sid Mashburn website manages to serve as more than just an online shop and instead functions as an inspirational portal of good fashion, music, and film. Featuring songs of the week, photography, YouTube videos and more under a tab labeled “A Few Great Things”, you’re able to get an entire curated art, culture and fashion experience when visiting the site.

Knowing fashion is one thing but knowing what inspires your clothing is a whole other tool that just can’t be beat.