Shop Jack Spade: Menswear Staples and Quality Bags

by Emma Klug | August 7th, 2014   
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Whether you’ve seen their ads on the subway platform, noticed one of their items while flipping through the pages of GQ, or spotted a celebrity wearing one of their pieces on a menswear blog, chances are you’ve heard of Jack Spade.

The brand, which is an extension of the Kate Spade empire, has grown tremendously since it began in the late 90s, and it currently offers a full range of men’s fashion items suitable for casual wear, weekend getaways and office attire. Their basics and classic menswear items, such as chinos, shell jackets and checkered work shirts are all on point. They are also suitable for a man looking to fill his closet with timeless, quality, pieces. Jack Spade also offer accessories ranging from sunglasses, ties, shoes and socks, mobile accessories and more. Needless to say, Jack Spade is a one stop shop for menswear staples.

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However, despite its awesome selection of clothing and accessories, what Jack Spade is truly known for is their durable and sartorially sound men’s bags. From messenger bags, laptop bags, briefcases, backpacks and more, Jack Spade’s extensive offering of bags is impressive.

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Ryder Twill Journey Tote

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Waxwear backpack

Made from quality materials such as Italian leather, Navy Canvas, sierra leather and more, Jack Spade’s bag selection is sure to withstand the weight of your laptop, work papers, tech accessories, etc., and set you apart from the mundane work crowd. Wearing a nice shirt, slacks and shoes for the office is one thing but a quality bag is what will really step up your wardrobe game and complete your outfit so next time you’re looking to do so make sure you check out Jack Spade.