The Working Man: Response to the (Second) Polar Vortex

by Rachel Yeomans | January 22nd, 2014   

Polar Vortex, take two! Snowmageddon, well we won’t say we missed you. In response to the chilly unwanted winter guests, it’s time to bundle up.

mens fashion illustration 754x1024 The Working Man: Response to the (Second) Polar Vortex

via Richard Haines


It seems like common sense, but it is worth repeating when frost bite is a possibility. Layer up! One of my colleagues went to work during the first Polar Vortex wearing a ski mask. Pretty savvy, I thought at the time. So now’s not the time to be proud. Braving the cold isn’t an option – we must battle it! So reach for the wool, cashmere, heavy cotton and the like. The most important clothing item is your coat. With the temperatures the way they are and the need for heavy layers underneath, this weather is an ideal fit for the overcoat.

mens overcoat The Working Man: Response to the (Second) Polar Vortex

The above coat is a fantastic buy for the winter, and is currently on sale at Nordstroms. It’s a warm wool-blend twill infused with cashmere (translation: it’s warm times two). Whatever coat you purchase, try to find one that has a wool/cashmere blend and has lining. Ideal length would be a bit above the knee. A great add-on feature is a coat that has an optional button in the middle of the back coat flaps. It’s a great extra wind barrier. Those are hard to find, but you can easily ask your tailor to add one for you.

Don’t forget to also wear warm sweaters or cardigans. And as a tip, a fitted circle scarf is much warmer than a regular scarf that you have to tie. In the outfit below, I also did add an aviator cap. Yes, it’s a bit over the top, but remember we’re going for warmth here. And it is kind of fun, isn’t it? Humor me, please.

c600x539 The Working Man: Response to the (Second) Polar Vortex

Double Breasted Pea Coat: $99

Black Turtleneck: $37.04

Circle Scarf: $18.52

Aviator Hat: $143.00

Quilted Racing Gloves: $58.96

Keep that water running, leave the cabinets under your sink open to let in the warm air, keep your heat at a minimum of 68 degrees and bundle up accordingly! Don’t worry, we’ll get through it. But if this vortex comes in for a third round, I fully support selling all your winter clothes and moving to Hawaii.