The Working Man: Polo Shirts for Casual Days

by Jordan Zeman | August 11th, 2014   

Business casual and casual Fridays have become very popular in even the biggest of corporations. These are times when you can ditch the tie for a more laid-back look. For the comfort of a tee shirt that still shows professionalism, the polo is a great option.

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If you are a student on a budget or just someone trying to save, Ralph Lauren has a great selection of prices and colors to choose from. Their regular-priced polos are a bit expensive for a frugal shopper, but the prevalence of the brand at large department stores means that you will often encounter sales or coupons. Their shirts run from about $35-$100 and have a color to suit every mood.

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If you are looking for a classic polo and willing to drop a little more on it, check out Fred Perry. At about $85 apiece, the brand offers polos in standard colors with the signature contrast piping. These are very durable shirts that will stand the test of time with proper care, and give you that country club edge.

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For the fashionisto who still wants to take a casual day, there is the Play Comme des Garcons polo, available at J. Crew. This on the higher end of the budget spectrum at $205 but is also a high-fashion option. No one will mistake the iconic heart logo, and the shirt is available in either grey or navy.

The next time you are confronted with a casual day, but you don’t want to lose your professional look, opt for a polo. The silhouette will keep you feeling relaxed without looking it.