The Working Man: The Unbalanced Cardigan

by Rachel Yeomans | March 20th, 2013   

I had a coffee meeting the other day with a male colleague and I noticed his impressive layering tactics. He wore a denim collared shirt under a forest green zipper cardigan (only zipped a quarter of the way) all under a worn brown leather jacket. It made me realize that I’ve seen a lot of men wear some very stylish cardigans as of late, in one form or another. While browsing, I came across the following dubbed the “unbalanced cardigan”.

unbalanced cardigan The Working Man: The Unbalanced Cardigan

I personally love anything asymmetrical, so you can understand why I was drawn to this item. I can easily see men wearing it both casually and professionally. In fact, I’d love to see it worn as shown with jeans and even with a leather jacket, but also under a sport coat with pressed slacks at the office. Available in white, black, navy and gray (as shown), this cardigan is currently on sale for $21.90! Nothing like a statement on sale.