Meet Maxine Caldwell

by Bridgette Alexander | September 9th, 2014   

It started with a stalker…

With serious beef against my mom. No matter how hard I tried to convince my mom that she was in danger, she wouldn’t take it seriously. You know how, no matter how much your mom drives you crazy, you wouldn’t let anyone hurt her for all the Louboutins in the world? Yeah…well, that’s what happened to me. Knowing that someone was after her launched me into a full-scale investigation, and took me places I never thought I’d go. I was interrogating people, searching for clues, listening in on conversations—I basically belonged in a precinct on Law & Order.

And you know what Oprah says: whatever you’re seeking is also seeking you.

Well, I didn’t realize that I would become the number-one most sought after person—or should I say victim—in my attempt to save my mom. The irony of it all is that for most of that time, even with everything I was going through, my mom was still so super stubborn that she didn’t believe anyone was out to get her. She thought it was all in my head. The good thing was that my bond with my best friends, Baheera and Sandy, became stronger than ever. And our whole crew, including my more arty friends, Reese and Darryl, realized how much our friendships mean to us.

I spent most of my teenage life recounting everything that occurred with my friends from Hamilton Day School here in New York. I had to get everything down on paper. Like when Baheera’s dad was in trouble. Or when, at the opening of his first curated gallery show, Darryl encountered a hate crime; or, like I said at the beginning, when my mom was in trouble and I wrote it all out in a tale that I called Southern Gothic, a crime that happened in the urban sprawl of Manhattan, complete with a Southern twist. But I digress. That was years ago. Today my life centers on my friends. We are all making our way in the world now, trying to build a happy life.

My New York friends are now spread out all over the country, and this blog will keep them all—and you—posted on the adventures, mysteries, and dangers that always seem to find me. Can you believe some people think galleries and museums are boring? I know from my past experience that beyond those ginormous canvases lie dark secrets just waiting to be uncovered.