Working to Strut the Laptop Bag, Not Schlep It

by Rachel Yeomans | October 29th, 2009   

I have two laptops in my possession, my personal computer and my work computer. Neither makes much of a statement, but when I travel to meetings or saunter to the coffee shop, there isn’t much to be said about their modes of transportation. I have the Dell briefcase that accompanied my work computer; and my personal computer I usually just carry in a large handbag zipped up in a laptop case. I feel that these carrying habits need to change.

MyFashionLife posted a great write-up on the top five most stylish laptop bags and I was inspired to find my perfect laptop carrier. One for work, and one for play.

Picture179 Working to Strut the Laptop Bag, Not Schlep It

I absolutely love this bag that was featured in the MyFashionLife laptop case round-up. It is very classy, makes a grand statement without being too loud or ostentatious, and it could totally work a board meeting. My favorite part about it is its name: Aubergine dangerous weekend laptop bag. Dangerous indeed!

Picture226 Working to Strut the Laptop Bag, Not Schlep It

On slow afternoons and days off, there are times I want to keep my pumps in the closet and sport around the city in my loose jeans, t-shirt and scarf, and happily play the role of cool, laid-back woman who looks effortlessly chic while typing on her Macbook at the neighborhood coffee shop. And this bag from OpeningCeremony couldn’t complete the look more perfectly.