Today’s Coveted Working Looks: The Perfect iPad Case

by Rachel Yeomans | November 9th, 2010   
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As obsessed as I am with fashion and style, I am almost just as obsessed with the latest tech gadget or digital tool. I live by my RSS feeds, I read my newspapers on my iPad, and I couldn’t imagine surviving without my Droid calendar synching to my maps and voice directions. I don’t know if any of you have gone through this turmoil, but the fight to find the perfect iPad cover has proven to be one of my greatest shopping challenges! In fact, one of my favorite podcasts produced by, iPad Today, discussed this exact same dilemma in one of their shows. If the experts have trouble finding the perfect iPad case, then this problem is much larger than I expected.

Picture9 Todays Coveted Working Looks: The Perfect iPad Case

My most important quality in finding the perfect iPad cover is the angle. I primarily read my iPad in landscape mode and need it to be angled up to allow both ease of viewing and typing. The above case is good for viewing my Netflix streaming shows before bed or on an airplane. But I prefer the angle of the case below for day-to-day needs when typing my notes in my Evernote app while at meetings. Plus I like the carry-all strap.
Picture32 Todays Coveted Working Looks: The Perfect iPad Case Picture4 Todays Coveted Working Looks: The Perfect iPad Case

I have to admit this iPad case is kind of fantastic for the business meeting. Featuring business card holders and a portfolio slip – not to mention the uber-cool cover material – I think we working techies just found our new accessory to rival the briefcase!

Picture33 Todays Coveted Working Looks: The Perfect iPad Case

Of course the list for the iPad case goes on and on for possibilities. Have you discovered the ideal iPad case? Please share!!!


I thought you were going to end my quest by showing THE BEST CASE. Oh well. I've got a toddler and a preschooler, so the best case for home is hands down the Otterbox Defender. But I would like something more presentable that I can take into a meeting without looking like it's equipt for battle.