Today’s Coveted Working Looks: Layering into Spring

by Rachel Yeomans | June 2nd, 2010   

With the warm weather approaching, I am so excited to leave my nylons in the sock drawer and even more so to put my leggings in storage! Not to mention, the darker colors of winter are definitely tucked away. It is time to bring spring back into work attire! Enter in florals, colors outside the black and grey sections of the color wheel, and if your dress code allows, a pair of peep toes to show off your fresh pedicure. In the fall and winter I am pretty well known for dark tone color blocking; in the spring and summer, I adore mixing patterns and textures. I came across this look from Anthropologie and I admit I’m definitely going to steal it and pair it with a pair of skinny black slacks and round-toed Mary Jane pumps – preferably in red patent leather.

Picture1 Todays Coveted Working Looks: Layering into Spring

As much as I love layering with contrasting colors and patterns, there are times a girl just needs a basic. Just as much as everyone needs a black blazer, I feel the same way about a white one. It’s the ideal summer cover-up. I saw a woman wearing a style similar to this one from LaROK, and I immediately entered it into my mental shopping list. Plus the interior ruffles below the top layer give this jacket an added dimension of softness – it’s great having an edge at the office, but it doesn’t have to translate to your wardrobe all of the time.

 Todays Coveted Working Looks: Layering into Spring