Today’s Coveted Working Looks

by Rachel Yeomans | December 3rd, 2009   

I have always liked dresses so much more than slacks. I think they’re much more comfortable and less likely to be ruined by being stepped on by high heels or suffering wintry conditions such as salt, sleet, snow, or mud. Plus it’s a great excuse to wear cute boots and tights. I love how this Missoni dress pulls of the sweater/skirt look, plus the colors are refreshing in how it mixes the brown and black tones. Any dress that you can wear brown or black shoes with is a winner all around in my book.

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And speaking of Missoni, here’s another dress of the label that I think is my new favorite of the season. Long sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and the mix of color and shapes without being too “out there” is just ingenious. I can foresee many head turns and compliments resulting from donning this number.

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I think this Jonathan Saunders dress is just plain fun! I love the colors but what makes it work, is the black blocking around the neck and sleeves and especially at the waist. It breaks up the pattern and provides a slimming silhouette. Plus the back dipped hemline is a perfect cut for creating length and not to mention creating a fun twirl when turning the corner.

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